Looking at the various car paint types


Recently, the BMW body shop in Brisbane unveiled a new state of the art facility. The new site is now capable of offering more repairs per week; around 250 to 300 repairs. Not only that, the new facility has additional equipment for BMW spray paint works, along with infra red drying systems. As a customer, you will love the services offered here.

Since a BMW car purchase is likely to be the most costly purchase that a person can make in their lives, the color that you pick is a very important decision you have to take. However, the various options of paint finishes available in the market can be overwhelming to buyers so much that they get confused on what to pick.  By understanding some of the BMW spray paint finishes to some good length prior to your purchase, it does not always have to be a hard decision. This article looks at some of them.

Solid paint


Cars today are available in solid colors with the most common ones being white, black, blue and red. In case of solid paint a single application of color is done, and then a clear coat is applied so that the paint can be protected from chips, bad weather and scratches. They are cheap and have low maintenance such as minor stone chips only need touch up pens of the same color. If there are any major repairs though, look for a BMW body shop with great BMW service center reviews.

Metallic finishes

These only differ from solid paints in that they have powdered-metal added onto them. The metallic particles reflect more incident light. Thus your car will have an appealing shine when compared with solid colors. Additionally, in case of minor damages, they can be hidden more effectively than in solid paint.


These add ceramic crystals to the paint that refract light as well as reflect it. Therefore, the BMW spray paint will be split into different colors. This will give the paint sparkle as well as a deep color at the same time; all dependent on the point of view. Any audi service center review will reveal that many cars in Audi’s range come in pearlescent colors or similar metallic shades.Matte finishesWhile these are not common, there are vehicles that come with them; usually black or grey. Sometimes they could have silk finish or a reflective satin finish than true matte though the principles are almost similar. While there are many ways in which one can achieve a non-shiny look, usually it’s similar to regular solid paint, either having a high epoxy primer coat and PVC content in the paint coat or a flattening agent in the lacquer coat responsible for the dull-effect.Special paintsThe manufacturers of luxurious and sports cars also offer special paint finishes that will change the color or appearance more lustrous. They are usually made through combining different effects that have paints in the form of layers on top of each other to create an effect that is dramatic than when the paints stand alone. These are cool, although not a bmw spray paint cheap option.If you are looking for inspiration on your next car color, arm yourself with information on the various BMW spray paint finishes that are available in the market so that your picking can be made easier.



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